Sarah Zamora Reeves-Merrin
Party of Five
Portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt
First appearance "Ready or not"
Last appearance "Bye, Bye, Love"

Created by

Christopher Keyser and Amy Lippman
Nickname(s) Sarah
Born 1978/1979
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Residence San Francisco, California
Relationships Bailey (sex partner/boyfriend/crush)

Mrs. Reeves (adoptive mother)

Mr. Reeves (adoptive father)

Robyn "Rob" Merrin-Lopez † (biological mother)

Unnamed Father (biological)

Mr. Merrin (biological grandfather)

Mrs. Daniella J. Lopez-Merrin

† (biological grandmother)

Sarah Zamora Reeves-Merrin, first introduced in season 2 the first episode.

She is a main character and appears in all episodes. Sarah Zamora Reeves-Merrin is a new addition to the show in the second season as Bailey's girlfriend. During "Naming Names" Sarah later changes her name to Sarah Zamora Reeves-Merrin to honor the life of her biological mother.

Time of Your LifeEdit

Sarah Zamora Reeves-Merrin appeared as a main character in the spin-off of Party of Five. Sarah Zamora Reeves-Merrin moved to New York to find out more about her biological parents. The show only ran for 1 season, which is usually 19 or 20 episodes.