Owen Salinger
Party of Five
Portrayed by Alexander Anhert, Zachary Anhert, Brandon Porter, Tyler Porter, Andrew Cavarno, Stephen Cavarno, Jacob Smith
First appearance "Pilot"

1x01, September 12, 1994

Last appearance "...That Ends Well"

6x24, May 3, 2000

Created by

Christopher Keyser and Amy Lippman
Nickname(s) O
Born 1994
Gender Male
Occupation N/A
Residence San Francisco, California

Owen Salinger is the youngest child of the Salinger group.

Charlie Salinger Edit

Charlie is Owen's elder brother by 24 years. He is like a father figure as his parents died when he was a baby. Owen went to live with Charlie when everyone went there own ways.

Bailey Salinger Edit

Bailey is Owen's elder brother by 16 years. He is also like a father figure towards him.

Julia Salinger Edit

Julia is Owen's elder sister by 15 years. She is like a mother figure towards him.

Claudia Salinger Edit

Claudia is Owen's elder sister by 11 years.

Dianne Salinger Edit

Dianne is Charlie and Daphne's daughter, and is Owen's niece born in 1998 when he was only 4.