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Claudia Salinger is the fourth child of the Salinger family in the 1994 television series Party of Five.

She is the sister of Charlie, Bailey, Julia and Owen Salinger. Six months prior to the show's start, her parents were killed in a car accident and was left to be raised by her eldest brother, Charlie. Although she has a good heart and remains close with her family, she finds herself a victim of things like peer pressure, drugs, sex and other issues dealt with by teenagers.

She is a main character and appears in all episodes.

Charlie Salinger[]

Charlie is Claudia's older brother by 13 years. Charlie is like a father figure. She seems him as a dad, but when she gets in trouble, she is very afraid of him because he has a temper.

Bailey Salinger[]

Bailey is Claudia's older brother by 5 years. He is Claudia's closest and favorite brother as said in 3x20. It seems that they are the closest between all the siblings, but they also fight like most sibling do.

Julia Salinger[]

Julia is Claudia's older sister by 4 years. They fought a lot, but it seemed like it was just basic sister bickering over clothes, boys, and the phone.

Owen Salinger[]

Owen is Claudia's younger brother by 11 years.

Diana Salinger[]

Diana is Claudia's niece born in 1998.