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Bailey "Bay" (family nickname) Salinger is the second child of the Salinger family in the 1994 television series Party of Five.

He is the sixteen-year-old brother of Charlie, Julia, Claudia and Owen Salinger. Six months prior to the show's start, he lost his parents to a car accident and was left to be raised by his older brother Charlie. He at some times can be young and reckless but is also quite the family man. He takes good care of his younger siblings and respects and helps out his older brother anyway he can. He used to be a rebellious teenager before his parents died. After they died, he decided to become a better person.

He is a main character and appears in all episodes.


Charlie Salinger[]

Charlie is Bailey's older brother and also a parental figure. Bailey can be reckless a times which upsets Charlie but he also tries to help him out in any way.

Julia Salinger[]

Julia is Bailey's younger sister by one year. He and Julia are quite close due to their closeness in age, but they also can be quite distant due to their different social statuses in school and around town. He attempts to look out for Julia in any way he can because she is his little sister.

Claudia Salinger[]

Claudia is Bailey's younger sister by five years. He looks out for Claudia because she is his baby sister, and he listens to her questions and understands her better than her other older sibling Julia. In Season 3, Episode 20, Claudia confesses to Bailey that she favors him more than her other siblings. 

Owen Salinger[]

Owen is Bailey's younger brother by 15 years. Owen and Bailey's relationship isn't very positive or negative due to Owen's young age. However, their relationship develops to become more father-son like towards the end of the series, with Bailey even fighting Charlie to become Owen's legal guardian. We see Owen begin to favor Bailey and look to him as a father figure.

Diana Salinger[]

Diana is Bailey's niece born in 1998.